Máy xay sinh tố Hafele HSB-0621FS · có nhiều chức năng nghiền: nghiền đá, thịt, hạt, gia vị, sinh tố, rau,… giúp chuẩn bị những món ăn ngon cho gia đì

Hafele Blender HSB-0621FS has many grinding functions: crushing stones, meat, seeds, spices, smoothies, vegetables,... help prepare delicious dishes for the family
3 transparent glass factories are easy to clean, limiting odors
Powerful operation with 600W power, 2 grinding speeds and 1 stuffing function make it easy to customize the spin button
button Large 6-bladed mortar blade of stainless steel, sharp, smooth puree of effective raw materials
Stainless steel case combined with sturdy ABS plastic, easy to clean, clean
cleaning The anti-slip stand helps the machine stand firmly and disconnect itself when overheating to protect the safety of equipment and power supply
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Large mortar 1.5 liters blender, root vegetables, small stones,...
A small meat plant can grind up to 200 grams of diced meat measuring 2 cm per piece.
The grain mill grinds up to 150 grams of seeds, dry spices,...

In addition, the blender has a 4-blade blade for a meat mill and a 2-blade blade for a grain mill. The blades are easily removable for cleaning after use, which is extremely convenient.

Note when using the Hafele blender HSB-0621FS:
– Do not grind cooked and raw food to avoid food hygiene and safety.
– Put food in the mortar according to the norms of the machine, do not add too much in 1 grind.
– Do not use sharp, hard objects to clean and rub the mill.
Hafele blender HSB-0621FS (535.43.277) is branded from Germany with many handy grinding functions, easy food grinding, fine puree with a powerful 600W power and sharp stainless steel blades.
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